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   The best stories are worth more than a thousand pictures, but that only makes it more fun trying to capture the mood of the story in just one still image.  Sometimes it takes just a glimpse to send the imagination soaring.
qilin block print
Keeping Off the Grass
edition of 15, green ombre on white,
6x6 matted to 10x10:  $35
volcano monster
Angry Mountain
edition of 8,
orange and black on white,
6x6 matted to 10x10:  $35
thorn hedge and castle
Beyond the Thorns
edition of 10,
black and grey on white,
9x6 matted to 13x10:  $45
glowing bird
Feathers to Light the Way
edition of 10, black on white,
12x8 matted to 16x12:  $70
turtle island block
edition of 10, blue-green on white,
12x10 matted to 16x14:  $70
                and hourglass

Flocks of Time
edition of 11, black on white,
4x7 matted to 8x11:  $20
flower fairy

Among the Violets
edition of 8, black on white,
4x5 matted to 8x10:  $20
fairy garden block
Garden Apartments
edition of 10, green on cream,
12x8 matted to 16x12:  $50
ziz relief block print

Ziz Eclipse
edition of 7, black on white,
6x4.5 matted to 10x8:  $20

 Sleeping Dragon
edition of 13, black on white,
5.75x5.75 matted to 10x10:  $25
robot gecko blueprint

A Device for Cleaning Steam Pipes
edition of 10 in blue on white,
10x7 matted to 13x10:  $40
sirrush block print
edition of 10, black on white,
5x5.5 matted to 10x10:  $20
mythical salamander block

Fiery Salamander
edition of 9, black on white
with watercolor background,
6x4 matted to 10x8:  $25
vegetable lamb block
Enchanted Garden
edition of 10, black on cream,
8.5x11.75 matted to 12x16:  $70

Pandora Dreaming

edition of 7, black on cream,
hand-tinted with red,
8x12.5 matted to 12x16: $50

Holy Mountain
edition of 12, black on white,
11.5x10.5 matted to 16x16: $75

The Enormous Turnip
edition of 8, black on white,
10x10 matted to 12.5x12.5: $45
dancing umbrella
Singin' in the Rain
edition of 6, dark blue on white,
3x4.5 matted to 6x8 or 8x10:  $15
clockwork block print

Fantasy Clockwork I
edition of 10, black on white,
3x3.25 matted to 7x7: $20
griffin block print

Little Griffin
edition of 12, black on white,
2.5x3.5 matted to 8x10:  $20

wyvern block print
edition of 10, dark blue on cream,
4.5x4.25 matted to 8x8:  $15
Three Little Kittens block print
Three Little Kittens
edition of 10, black on white,
8x8 matted to 12.5x12.5: $45

de la mare block print
The Listeners
edition of 11, black on white,
5x8 matted to 9x12: $30
water nymph

Freshwater Life
edition of 10, green-black on white,
7x5 matted to 10x8:  $25
mistress of the animals
Dancing with Animals
edition of 6, black on cream,
12x12 matted to 16x16 or 24x18: $70

The Princess and the Pea
edition of 10, black on white
(with green pea)
9x9 matted to 12.5x12.5:  $45
magical symbol block
Magical Symbol
edition of 10, black on white,
8x8 matted to 12x12: $40
whole world in God's

All Through the Night
edition of 10 in deep blue on white,
9x7 matted to 13x10:  $45
baku block print

Baku Dreams
edition of 8, black and red on cream,
5.25x5.25 matted to 10x10:  $35
unicorn block print

Young Unicorn
edition of 11, dark green on cream,
5x7 matted to 8x10:  $25
dove and star block print
edition of 8, black on white,
4x5.5 matted to 8x10:  $15
Tree of Life block print
Tree of Life
edition of 5, dark green on white,
10.75x11.75 matted to 18x24:  $75
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        There are small variations between prints in the same edition, because I print each one by hand.  All the white paper I use is acid free.  Prices listed are for prints matted in plain white or off-white acid-free mat board.  (Dimensions are given in inches.)  Many mats are standard picture frame sizes, but I also offer prints framed in plain black metal frames.  If you are interested in other colors of mat or frame, please contact me.  See each print individually for specific information.
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