people block
   I don't pretend to understand people.  Sometimes we baffle and frustrate and disappoint me.
On the other hand, sometimes I think we're pretty miraculous.  I'd rather depict the miraculous side of us.
white-line woodcut
Discovering Dandelions
edition of 5, watercolors on white,
7.75x5 matted to 11x8.5:  $35
love block print

All In This Together
edition of 12, black on white,
6.5x4.5 matted to 10x8:  $20
mother and child block

The Whole World
edition of 10, black on white,
4.25x4.25 matted to 8x8:  $20
eccentric block print
When I Grow Up
edition of 11, gradient on white,
5x8 matted to 9x12:  $35
woman reading block print

edition of 13, plumish-purplish on white,
4.25x5.25 matted to 8x10:  $20

Pandora Dreaming

edition of 7, black on cream,
hand-tinted with red,
8x12.5 matted to 12x16: $50
dancer block print

Bronze Dancer
edition of 10, black/gold on white,
2.5x5.25 matted to 8x10:  $20

Tree of Life

edition of 5, dark green on white,
10.75x11.75 matted to 18x24:  $75
masks of emotions
Six Masks
edition of 10, black on white,
8x12.25 matted to 12x16:  $45

This is One of My
Grandmothers (Sarah)

edition of 10, black on white,
3.75x4 matted to 5x7 or 8x10:  $20
mother and children playing

Busy Time

edition of 10, blackish-green on white,
5.25x4.25 matted to 10x8: $25

Bed Time
edition of 13, blue on white,
5.25x4.25 matted to 10x8: $25
For more people
in illustrations of fairy tales
and other stories, see
Stories & Imaginary Realms

writer block print
edition of 14, dark purple on cream,
7.75x7.75 matted to 10x10: $25

        There are small variations between prints in the same edition, because I print each one by hand.  All the white paper I use is acid free.  Prices listed are for prints matted in plain white or off-white acid-free mat board.  (Dimensions are given in inches.)  Many mats are standard picture frame sizes, but I also offer prints framed in plain black metal frames.  If you are interested in other colors of mat or frame, please contact me.  See each print individually for specific information.
        Please contact me for shipping and handling.  I will try to charge you an accurate postal rate (rounded up, to cover packaging and handling).

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