original block prints
I hand carve my original designs into blocks of wood or rubber, and then roll them with ink and print them in very limited editions.
Because I print by hand, slight variations in inking occur, and no two prints are precisely alike.  Each print is a unique piece of original art.
As for my subjects, I make images of whatever strikes my fancy, and I am always full of curiosity for the wonderful things in the world around me, as well as the
wonderful things of the imagination.  Everything you see here represents something that I find intriguing.  I hope something here will spark your imagination, too.
Start with the category that looks most interesting, but aren't you curious to take a peek at them all?
rooster block print
Boston Sand &
                      Gravel block print
Places & Glimpses
                      model T
Interesting Things

toddler block

nursery rhyme block print
Nursery Rhymes
fable block print
Stories &
Imaginary Realms
carving a block
How I Make Block Prints
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