The thing I like about nursery rhymes is that they are just enough of a story to make me wonder what else could have been happening.  Forget the possible historical origins of some of the Mother Goose rhymes, and consider them purely on their own peculiar but charming merits.  Why did Miss Muffet run away from that spider when ordinarily she was so careful to carry any spiders outside
in a glass?

Jack Sprat & His Wife, Rosie
edition of 10, dark red on white,
7.25x9 matted to 10x13:  $45

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
edition of 14, black on white,
7x5 matted to 10x8:  $40
(Not in the book)

Old King Cole
edition of 10, maroon on white,
9.25x12 matted to 12x16:  $50

In a Little Crooked House
edition of 10, black on white,
9.25x9 matted to 12.5x12.5:  $45
Pussy-cat, pussy-cat, where have you been?
Pussy-Cat, Pussy-Cat
edition of 10, green on white,
7x8 matted to 10x13:  $40

The Family Who Lived in a Shoe
edition of 10, brown on white,
8.75x9 matted to 12.5x12.5:  $45

Little Nut Tree

edition of 10, green on white,
9.5x12 matted to 12x16: $50

Jack, Be Nimble
edition of 10, red on white,
7x8.25 matted to 10x11:  $40

Little Miss Muffet
edition of 10, black on white,
6.25x6.25 matted to 9x9:  $40

edition of 10, blue-green on white,
8.25x8.25 matted to 10x10:  $45

Eenie Meenie Miny Moe
edition of 10, orange on white,
6.25x6.25 matted to 9x9:  $35

Wise Men of Gotham
edition of 10, dark blue on white,
9.25x9 matted to 12.5x12.5:  $45

story time block print
Story Time
(No longer available -
but still in the book)

bed time block print
Bed Time
edition of 13, blue on white,
4.25x5.25 matted to 8x10:  $25
Hey diddle diddle
              block print
Hey, Diddle Diddle!
(No longer available -
but still in the book)

Nursery Rhyme Book
hardcover, 28 pages
:  $20

      There are small variations between prints in the same edition, because I print each one by hand.  All the white paper I use is acid free.  Prices listed are for prints matted in plain white or off-white acid-free mat board.  (Dimensions are given in inches.)  Many mats are standard picture frame sizes, but I also offer prints framed in plain black metal frames.  If you are interested in other colors of mat or frame, please contact me.  See each print individually for specific information.
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