For ages 8 - 14, or anyone else who enjoys ridiculous
occurrences at your average middle school, an epistolary tale.
This is the e-mail correspondence of an ordinary boy and his eccentric Grandma,
involving middle school bullies, extreme adventure crochet, unpleasant PE classes,
Swedish Fish, a trombone, alleged felonious zombie activity, a statistically
disproportionate number of black eyes, and exciting vocabulary up to and including

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The Bad Advice of Grandma Hasenfuss
Written (and illustrated) by Anne E.G. Nydam

I invite you to read a preview here.

Trade paperback book, 112 pages:   $10

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Praise for The Bad Advice of Grandma Hasenfuss

My 8 year old daughter loved this book! She was recounting portions of it for days after she finished reading it.
A delightful and engaging story.  I highly recommend it.                    - A. Mitra Morgan


The Bad Advice of Grandma Hasenfuss is my absolute favorite "middle grade" book.  If I am feeling grumpy I open it at random and start reading.
Pretty soon I'm smiling, then chuckling, and finally laughing out loud.                    - Marty Grundy