Extraordinary Book of Doors
The Extraordinary Book of Doors
Written by Anne E.G. Nydam
With Original Illustrations in a woodcut style by the Author
depicting numerous Magical Doors of diverse styles

Turn the page… Open the door… Enter the adventure…

When worrywart Chen Connelly finds a mysterious antique book
beneath a park bench, his safe but lonely summer suddenly
becomes exciting.  Perhaps a little too exciting.
A book of renaissance architectural designs may not seem very exciting,
until Chen finds himself traveling through the pages of the magical book
with Polly Goggin, the weirdest girl he’s ever met, as they race to solve
a treasure hunt left by Benjamin Franklin, struggle to find their way through
a maze of mysterious doors, and dodge far too many angry security guards.
It doesn’t help that a murderous, strangely nondescript magician-thief is on
their trail with a magic book of his own, willing to do whatever it takes to get
his hands on Benjamin Franklin's treasure and all three extraordinary books.

It begins with a book.  Where will it lead?

For ages 8-14,
Trade paperback book, 280 pages:  $12

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or contact me at anne@nydamprints.com.

(Features scenes at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Louvre,
the Old South Meeting House in Boston, Independence Hall in Philadelphia,
and other Locations of Historical and Magical Interest!)
ancient door
moorish door
screen door antique keys garden door
Praise for The Extraordinary Book of Doors

A thrilling adventure packed full of twists and turns.  A BRONZE MEDAL WINNER and highly recommended.
- The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

It is an absolutely lovely premise, made even more so by the black and white illustrations of doors drawn by the author included throughout!
And it's an exciting adventure, too, given depth by the friendship, uncertain at first, that grows between Chen and Polly.
- Charlotte Taylor (Read her entire review at Charlotte's Library.)

The Extraordinary Book of Doors is a beautiful book.  Recommended for people who wonder what is behind doors,
who enjoy riddles, and who like tales of new friendships.          - Jessica Greenlee (Read her entire review at FangirlNation.)

I loved the premise of a book of doors which the reader can enter.  A lovely book in many ways.  The writing was light and
perfect for the age group.  The children in my class loved it.    - Primary School Teacher of students aged 12