Hey, Diddle Diddle!

and Other Rhymes

Selected and Illustrated by
Anne E.G. Nydam
(with a few comments of her own)

hardcover, full color
28 pages, 9x9 inches


Little Miss Muffet  (Normally she made a special point of carrying spiders outside in a glass.)

This book includes 12 nursery rhymes, plus
Story Time and Bed Time verses.  To see all the illustrations, visit my Nursery Rhyme index page.

    "Have you ever wondered what happened to the dish and the spoon after they ran away together?  Or why Miss Muffet was so frightened of a little spider?  This new collection of nursery rhymes presents fresh illustrations and humorous parenthetical comments to hint at the stories behind the simple rhymes.  Original block prints illustrate twelve classic nursery rhymes (and two new ones) with the bold color contrast that infants love, and the whimsical details that delight toddlers on up.  Anyone who has ever been puzzled about the shocking behavior of the old woman who lived in a shoe will enjoy this affectionate look at her and her nursery rhyme colleagues – while anyone who has never wondered needs this book even more, to rekindle curiosity about the things we take for granted."

Nursery Rhyme designs are also available on bookplates.

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