lectures, demos, and workshops
     Here are some of the lectures and workshops I have given in the past, which I am available to present.
               Presentations are adapted to the age range and knowledge/experience level of the audience.
               I am also happy to adapt content to tie in with your group's specific needs and interests.
               I am available for zoom presentations!
If you are interested or have questions about what I can do, please contact me for further information.
Artist and/or author visits for all ages:
     I can give readings from any of my books, present
slide shows of my work and process, and do live art
classroom visit
Art and writing for preschool or elementary students:
How the Animals Get into the Book
Reading from animal alphabet book Amazing, Beguiling,
, and explaining the process of writing and
illustrating a book.
Optional: leading children in a relief printing art activity.
Curriculum tie-in to animal research as well as art.
animal project
Writing for elementary students (especially grades 3-5):
Fiction-Writing Workshop,
or focus on a more specific topic such as
Writing Characters

I can tailor presentations to large or small groups.
Working with single classrooms at a time allows for
more interactive activities, while presenting to multiple
classes at once may fit better into school schedules.
giving a presentation
Writing for middle school students:
I can give presentations on more focused writing
topics including Voice & Style,
and Where Do You Get Ideas?
I have also taught Poetry-Writing, focusing on
coaching children to brainstorm, dabble in different
styles, and get more comfortable playing with
language for the purpose of sharing the emotions
and insights that poetry makes possible.
presenting to middle
Writing for middle school through adult:
World Creation for SciFi/Fantasy Writers
Leading students in thinking about what goes into the
creation of an imaginary universe, from the basics of
geography, culture, and magic systems, to issues of
diversity, borrowing, and conveying your world to the
reader.  We also consider what fantasy worlds can tell
us about our own world.
world-creation slide
Art and writing for upper elementary through adult:
The Fantastic Bestiary
Sharing the medieval bestiary's unique blend of art,
mythology, science, philosophy, and social history,
and the art and writing of On the Virtues of Beasts
of the Realms of Imagination
, my own bestiary-
inspired book of mythical creatures.  This lecture
ties in with medieval European history, the history
of science, religion/philosophy, art history, and
the use of mythology in culture.
Bestiary slide
Linguistics for middle school through adult:
Shakespeare's Language:
A Most Fantastical Banquet of Words

What's different and special about Shakespeare's
Elizabethan English, why it is the way it is (and so
different from our own language), and tips and tricks
for understanding and enjoying it more.
Shakespeare slide
Linguistics for middle school through adult:
English: A Language of Immigration
Showing how waves of immigrants have influenced the
English language from Vikings in the 9th century to
Mexicans entering the United States now, and exploring
how our language reveals our culture and our
relationship with immigration and immigrants in the
past and today.
Immigration slide
Any other ideas?
Let me know what you're thinking!

giving a demo
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