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February 2021
     Since everything is on-line right now anyway, you have a unique opportunity to join me at a Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading for free and without having to attend any convention or other event, at 9:30pm (US Eastern time) on February 13.  See details and register here.  There will be ten authors presenting in one hour, with about five minutes to read for each of us, giving a whirlwind sampling of excerpts from works of sci fi, fantasy, and horror.  (Donít worry, they never read any truly graphic parts from the horror.)  I intend to read an excerpt from my Otherworld series.
December 2020
     This year has been brutal for the arts.  However, I'm trying to find a silver lining in the fact of all the live events having to move on-line, by participating not just in my usual local SFF cons, but also joining a couple that I would not have been able to attend if they were in-person.  In November I had art and a reading at Philcon, and coming up in January will be Art Gallery, readings, and panels at Arisia, plus Capricon and Boskone in February.
July 2020
     This month I'll be presenting an on-line class on World Creation for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers.  It is currently open only to Broad Universe Supporters, but stay tuned in case they start opening them up to a wider audience.
June 2020
     After resisting it for a decade, I've finally begun posting on Instagram.  My intention is simply to post glimpses of my joy, and I hope they bring you a little joy, too.
     In other belated news, in case you're wondering where my Etsy link went, I've stopped posting my work there.  I found last year's policy changes to be insupportable.  However, as I can now send Square invoices, it's easy to purchase items directly from my web site here, should you feel so inclined.  Simply send me an email saying what you want, and I'll send an invoice that you can pay by credit card or paypal just as you would do any on-line purchase.  Thanks for your continued support!
March 2020
     Things just got crazy for everyone.  All my upcoming shows, readings, lectures, and events are being cancelled or postponed.  In the meantime, don't forget the power of art to soothe a stressed-out soul.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about art and writing.  You can also follow my blog (a series of posts on nursery rhymes and illustrations through the end of April), see artwork on-line at gallery twist, or purchase items to be shipped or picked up in person while carefully maintaining a 6-foot distance!  Stay home if you can, stay safe, and keep washing your hands.
February 2020
     I'm honored to be part of the eight-person show at gallery twist, "A Room With a View."  Check it out!  Or come by on Feb. 18 for my demo in the gallery.
January 2020
     This month I'll be presenting a lecture "The Fantastic Bestiary" on the history, science, art, mythology, and morality of medieval bestiaries, and my inspiration for On the Virtues of Beasts.
     Then, at the Arisia con I'll be doing readings, offering block printmaking workshops, and participating in a variety of panels.
     Also, don't forget to sign up for my printmaking workshop in March at Needham Adult Education.  I'll be including lots of card-making techniques, but all sorts of rubber block print projects will be options, as well.
October 2019
     The Kickstarter awards are mailed out, and On the Virtues of Beasts of the Realms of Imagination is now available!
May 2019
     Be sure to check out my Kickstarter Campaign for the bestiary of mythical creatures.  Already 250% funded, but it's not too late to join in!
March 2019
     Another award: Art Show Judge's Choice Award for my "Body of Work" at the Boskone 56 art show!
February 2019
     Check out my Mini Interview in the Boskone blog.
     Also, I am delighted to have won the Art Show Co-Directors' Choice Award at the Arisia art show for my series of mythical creatures.
January 2019
     If you're interested in my block printmaking class for adults in March, details are in the catalog here.  (And you may notice that I am the cover artist for this session!)
     I will also be doing block printing mini-workshop sessions at Arisia in January as in past years, and this year will be doing a little hands-on printmaking demo at Boskone in February for the first time, as well.  I'll also be doing readings and participating in some panels at both Arisia and Boskone, as well as running a workshop on the use of poetry in world-building at Boskone.
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