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May 2019
     Be sure to check out my Kickstarter Campaign for the bestiary of mythical creatures.  Already 250% funded, but it's not too late to join in!
March 2019
     Another award: Art Show Judge's Choice Award for my "Body of Work" at the Boskone 56 art show!
February 2019
     Check out my Mini Interview in the Boskone blog.
     Also, I am delighted to have won the Art Show Co-Directors' Choice Award at the Arisia art show for my series of mythical creatures.
January 2019
     If you're interested in my block printmaking class for adults in March, details are in the catalog here.  (And you may notice that I am the cover artist for this session!)
     I will also be doing block printing mini-workshop sessions at Arisia in January as in past years, and this year will be doing a little hands-on printmaking demo at Boskone in February for the first time, as well.  I'll also be doing readings and participating in some panels at both Arisia and Boskone, as well as running a workshop on the use of poetry in world-building at Boskone.
November 2018
          It's time once again to repeat my ongoing plea:  Please remember that we small-time artists rely on our fans to get out the word about our work.  If you've enjoyed my artwork and/or my books, here are some ways you might consider helping me.  (And thank you for all your wonderful support!)
     *  If you have a web site, Facebook page, or Twitter account, link to this website.
     *  Post a review of a book on (My goal is 20 reviews for each book, and I'm still a long way off!)
     *  If you have a Goodreads account, or another book sharing site, post reviews there, too.
     *  If you use Etsy, mark my Etsy shop (NydamPrints) as a favorite.
     *  Ask your local library to add my books to their collection.
     *  Lend my books, check them out from your local library, recommend them to your friends.
     *  And, of course, if you know anyone who might like my art or books, tell them about me!
August 2018
     Registration is now open for my adult block printmaking class, four sessions in October, run through Needham's community education program.  Info here.  This class will be suitable both for beginners and for those who have some experience or took my previous class in the spring.  I look forward to working with you!
April 2018
     Sign up all your favorite children for Printmaking classes this summer with Needham's Summer Explorations!  (Sorry, the "Artist Workshop" session is full, but there are still spaces in "Printmaking.")  And don't forget to visit artists' locations all around town during Needham Open Studios May 5-6.
January 2018
     Whoops, I've neglected the updates for a while, but there's plenty going on.
     1. January 12-15 is the Arisia Convention, at which I will be exhibiting in the Art Show, doing a reading of The Extraordinary Book of Doors with other authors of juvenile SFF, participating in panels exploring writing faith in SFF and use of maps in SFF, and running two printmaking mini-workshops.
     2. Registration is now open for my first adult block printmaking classes, run through Needham's community education program in March.  Info here.
September 2017
     My Book of Hours is now available on amazonThis Holy Day is a selection of poetry and verses illuminated with block prints.  I hope it serves as a reminder and celebration of the sacred all around us, all through the day.
May 2017
     Belated news, but Approved!, the book by Nancy Haines that I illustrated, has been translated and published in Spanish as ˇAprobado!.  Very cool!
March 2017
     The Summer Explorations catalogue is now out.  Sign up all the children you know for my block printmaking class in July - or one of the other great classes they offer.
          UPDATE: this class is now filled.  I apologize to those who didn't get a spot.  Next summer I hope my schedule will accommodate two sessions again.
November 2016
     This year's main holiday shopping opportunity is the Winter Arts Festival in Needham Town Hall.  But of course you can always contact me if you need to meet up to get that perfect gift in time for a holiday visit.
September 2016
     This autumn is going to be a busy one!  I was accepted into the juried open studios show at the Mother Brook Arts and Community Center in Dedham in November.  The kickoff of the season will be Natick Artists Open Studios in October - please note that I'll be at a new location this year.  Go to Where You Can See My Work for the complete list of events.
June 2016
     A new book is out for which I did the illustrations.  I used a collage technique instead of my usual relief block printing.  Approved! by Nancy Haines is an introduction to Quaker meeting for business, for children, and it's already getting rave reviews in Quaker circles.  Check it out!
April 2016
     The Extraordinary Book of Doors has won a Bronze Medal in the Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, based in the UK.  What's cool about this award is that the judging is done by teachers and their students in the classroom, so the books really are being judged by the people who will read them.
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