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April 2015
     This year Needham Open Studios is collaborating with ArtWeek Boston to offer some special demonstrations and interactive events during the NOS weekend, and I'm one of the artists offering a demonstration and hands-on activity.  Come by my location on May 2 at 2:00 to carve and print your own miniature rubber block.  You can see all the NOS/ArtWeek Boston events here.
March 2015
     This month I have a show now up at the Lee Road Library in Cleveland Heights.  This may be my last show in the Cleveland area before my parents move away and I have no more reason to visit.  You can see the work at the library web site.
February 2015
          It's time once again to repeat my ongoing plea:  Please remember that we small-time artists rely on our fans to get out the word about our work.  If you've enjoyed my artwork and/or my books, here are some ways you might consider helping me.  (And thank you for all your wonderful support!)
     *  If you have a web site, Facebook page, or Twitter account, link to this website.
     *  Post a review of a book on (My goal is 20 reviews for each book, and I'm still a long way off!)
     *  If you have a Goodreads account, or another book sharing site, post reviews there, too.
     *  If you use Etsy, mark my Etsy shop (NydamPrints) as a favorite.
     *  Ask your local library to add my books to their collection.
     *  Lend my books, check them out from your local library, recommend them to your friends.
     *  And, of course, if you know anyone who might like my art or books, tell them about me!
October 2014
     I was honored to be interviewed this month for the "Behind the Key" feature at Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest academic honor society for the liberal arts and sciences.  In my interview I explain why I think a liberal education is so vital for living in this world with curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.
See the whole piece here.
September 2014
     The Extraordinary Book of Doors gets more good press: a great review on the blog FanGirlNation, and Charlotte Taylor's review was featured in the September/October issue of Shelf Unbound's Middle Shelf.  (It's under the "Best of the Book Blogs" segment.)
     And now school has just begun and I hope to get back to work on new art and writing!
July 2014
     The Extraordinary Book of Doors got a really nice review on the blog Charlotte's Library.  This blog is where I go for ideas on read-alouds as well as what to recommend to P and T for independent reading.  We've discovered some real treasures here, so I'm absolutely delighted to have been featured amid such great company!
May 2014
     May is the month of Needham Open Studios and Dedham Open Studios!
     You can find me mentioned in the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Artsake blog, and in this article from the Needham Times.
April 2014
     1. The e-book edition of The Extraordinary Book of Doors is now available through amazon Kindle.  (Don't forget to leave a review after you read it!)
     2. Why not sign your kids up for summer classes with the Needham schools' Summer Explorations?  I'll be teaching relief Printmaking again for grades 5-9, and this year I'm also adding an Artist Workshop class with a variety of fun projects for grades 3-5.  The Summer Explorations program is well-run, amazingly affordable, and my kids have absolutely loved the classes they've taken every summer for about 5 or 6 years now.
March 2014
     It's a busy time around here.  First of all, The Extraordinary Book of Doors is now available on amazon, and at all my upcoming appearances.  Yay!  Then there's a reading and presentation at the library in Wellesley; an exhibit, presentation, and classroom visits at a school in Wellesley; a solo show in the the library in Sherborn; group shows at the library and town hall in Needham; classroom visits at two schools in Needham...  Yeah, I'll be all over the place for the next month and a half.  Check out Where You Can See My Work for more details.
January 2014
     In February I'll be visiting my parents in my old home town, and while there I'll be giving presentations at my elementary alma mater and at the local library where I spent so much time.  I'll also be visiting the Cleveland Museum of Art to do a final check on the lay of the land for The Extraordinary Book of Doors with scenes set there.  I look forward to seeing this incredible museum in all the glory of its newly completed renovation.
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