Where You Can See My

        Upcoming Exhibitions, Sales, Etcetera


               March 19, 2021: How Speculative Fiction Can Save the World
                                         Lecture at North Hill, Needham  MA

               March 26, 2021:  Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading  (ON-LINE)
                                         Lunch-Time Lit at 12:00 noon (sign-up details to come)

               April 16 - May 12, 2021: group show Impressions VI

                                          Gallery Twist,  Lexington  MA  (In-Person and On-Line)
                June 10, 2021: Broad Universe Reading at Boston LitCrawl

               July - August, 2021: solo show at Natick Town Hall
                                           Natick  MA

             * November 6 -7, 2021:
Needham Open Studios, Needham  MA
                                          (still tentative)

                                                           * the biggest shows where I'll be there in person with all my stuff!
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        Recent Appearances
(and non-appearances...  Oh, so many cancellations.)

                February 12-14, 2021: Boskone 58 Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention 
                                          Art Gallery, panels, readings, and more (info here)
                February 13, 9:30 (US Eastern time): Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading  (ON-LINE)

                February 4 - 7, 2020: Capricon 41 Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention (ON-LINE)
                                          Panels, readings, and art demo (info here)

                January 15-18, 2021: Arisia Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention  (ON-LINE)
                                          Art Gallery, panels, readings, and more (info here)

                December 1, 2020 - January 3, 2021: group show Illumination
                                          Gallery Twist,  Lexington  MA  (In-Person and On-Line)

                                          Details here, plus virtual tour.

                December 2020: Medfield Holiday Art Stroll  (ON-LINE)
                                           Broadcast of Artist Videos, and more.  Information here.

                December 2020: Church of the Redeemer Christmas Market  (ON-LINE)
                                          See the vendors here.

                November 20-22, 2020:
Philcon Sci Fi and Fantasy Convention  (ON-LINE)
Broad Universe Rapid-Fire Reading, Nov. 21 - schedule here
                                           Plus Art Gallery, and artist Discord channel

                 October 17-18, 2020:  Roslindale Open Studios

                 August 15, 2020: Main Art Show Exhibit at reCONvene virtual convention

                 July 21, 2020: World Creation for Sci Fi/Fantasy Authors
                                          ON-LINE class for Broad Universe Supporters

                 July 13-17 and 20-24, 2020: Printmaking classes for children
                                            Needham Community Education's Summer Explorations program

          CANCELLED (Possible postponement date TBD)
                 May 22, 2020:  The Fantastic Bestiary  (2:30pm)
                                            lecture at Fox Hill Village, Westwood  MA

May 16, 2020:  Artist Talk and Demo Rubber-Block Printmaking without a Press
                                           Gallery at Grace Chapel Lexington, 59 Worthen Rd,  Lexington  MA

          Moved ON-LINE: see photos, videos, and activities here!
                May 2020:  Needham Open Studios, Needham  MA

          Moved ON-LINE: see 360 tour and videos here!
                 April 17 - May 31, 2020: group show Impressions V
                                           Gallery Twist, Lexington  MA

                March 2020:  Relief Block Printmaking Workshop (Wednesdays 7:00-9:00)
                                           Needham Community Education's Adult Programs


        Highlights of Past Shows

        A Room With a View, solo show at Gallery Twist, Lexington MA, February 2020.

        Illumination, group show at Gallery Twist, Lexington MA, December 2019.

        re/seeing HUMDRUM
, group show at Gallery Twist, Lexington MA, September - October 2019.


        Two Worlds, solo show at Newton Free Library, Newton MA, January 2019.


        Around the World, solo show at Wellesley Free Public Library, Wellesley MA, December 2017.


        Good Night, Good Morning, solo show at Natick Community Senior Center, Natick MA, July August 2015.


        Selected Work, solo show at the Cleveland Heights Lee Road Library, Cleveland Heights OH, March 2015.


         Young and Old, solo show at the Sherborn Library, Sherborn MA, April 2014.


        Visiting Artist solo show at Tenacre School, Wellesley MA, March April 2014.


        Going Places, solo show at the Dover Town Library, Dover MA, November 2013.


        Worlds of Imagination, solo show at the Acton Public Library, Acton MA, July August 2012.


        Interesting Things, solo show at the Weston Public Library, Weston MA, July 2010.


        Some Creatures Great and Small, solo show at the Dover Town Library, Dover MA, February 2009.


        Show a Story, Tell a Picture, solo show at the Wellesley Free Public Library, Wellesley MA, August 2008.


         Solo show at the Natick Community Organic Farm art gallery, Natick MA, September 2007.


        High Contrast, solo show at the Needham Free Public Library, Needham MA, December 2006.


        Black & White, six-person show at the South Wing Gallery, Cleveland Heights OH, Spring 2002.


        Dana Art Gallery Art Faculty Exhibitions, Wellesley MA, 2001 and 1997.


        Stories Out of School, Juried Art Exhibition for Art Educators, Arlington Center for the Arts, Arlington MA, July - August, 1999.

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